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I hated school. I was rubbish in most lessons. Including English. I was bottom set and generally thought to be a bit slow. My parents were brought in to talk the the teachers about how they might help me. I was a bit of a concern as I was unable to read at all. The solution was to sit me I the corner of the classroom and let me read the Beano whilst the rest of the class read the Hobbit.

Now I’m a writer. I write books! I earn my living from writing stuff down. I still can’t spell but who carers. (Pedants on the internet that’s who, but they can shut up!)


I’ve been constantly writing shows or stories in one way or another for the last 15 year. Whether that’s corporate Murder Mysteries, educational theatre, stand-up comedy, poetry, or touring theatre shows.


My writing can be found in the British Library, on BBC Radio 4, childrens TV, internet content and of course in the book you can buy here.


So, to anyone that thinks that they can’t do something, or feels stupid, just remember the little girl at the back of the class reading the Beano wondering what the hell Tolkien was going on about.


There’s lots of different roads to success, why not take the more interesting one.

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