What goes into the best Chippy?

After months of lock down, not going out, not eating out, not getting take away for fear of spreading Covid-19 like Lurpac spreadable on a white roll, I have finally ventured out to get a chippy tea.

My local chippy, (I fear I am rather bias) is I think the best in the North…

For me the perfect chippy tea must include; Salt & Vinegar, Mushy Peas, Battered Cod, HP Brown sauce and buttered white bread. Oh, and chips of course!

My partner agrees with all of the above but insists on chip shop curry sauce and ketchup.

The best chip shop must be friendly, have a choice of size when it comes to fish and it must sell fizzy pop.

Last week I ventured to Great Harwood and was reliably informed by many locals that Clacky D’s in the best chippy in town. I didn’t try it but it did smell good. I fear I may have to try all the chippy’s in town to pass judgment.

What I want to know is what makes the best chippy? How do you have yours?

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